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First draft

CurrentCost? EnviR power monitor

The EnviR (CC128) is a wireless power monitor from CurrentCost. The console receives up to ten wirelessly-transmitted current signals from transmitters. Transmitters detect one- or three-phase alternating current with clamps. Combined with a fixed nominal voltage programmed into the console, the EnviR calculates a wattage.

Serial protocol

The EnviR has an RJ45 port with nonstandard wiring, carrying a TTL serial signal. A data cable containing an inline Prolific PL-2303 chip transforms this signal into a USB serial signal. The serial protocol is documented.

Preparing the hardware

You need a serial port in Vera's MiOS interface. Two ways of doing this:

  • Connect the EnviR to the Vera. (Does Vera recognize the PL-2303 without additional work?)
  • Connect the EnviR to an always-on computer running serial-to-Ethernet gateway software, and use the IPSerial plugin to add a virtual serial port to the Vera.

The serial parameters are: 57600 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.

Installing the plugin files

Install these files from the repository:

Creating the device

Configuring the device