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The Fritz!Box Call Log Plugin

The Fritz!Box is a router with build in VOIP and DECT functionality. With this plugin you can trigger scenes on incoming calls, outgoing calls, connect and hang-up. You can use it to send notifications, turn off music or if you're bold announce who is calling in your speakers.


Henrik Ekblad - henrik.ekblad at (hek on forum)

}}} === Preparing your FRITZ!Box to send the calling information === You need to open the TCP-Port 1012 on your FRITZ!Box to use the plugin. For opening the port call `#96*5*` on your phone. If you want to close the port again you can call `#96*4*`, but then the plugin won't work anymore. === Installing the Fritz!Box call log plugin === ==== From ==== * [ Install from Mios app market] ==== From downloaded source ==== * Download the four files found under "Browse Source">trunk above. * Go to: Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup files in Vera UI * Add the four files using "Browse"-button. Click "Restart Luup after upload" checkbox and press Go. * Go to: Apps -> Develop Apps -> Create Device * Set "Upnp Device Filename" to "D_FritzBox.xml" * Set "Upnp Implementation Filename" to "I_FritzBox.xml" * Click "Create Device" * Reload * If you have a non standard ip. Go to device settings and update the default ip [[Image(fritzlog.png)]] === Notifications === * Outgoing Call (CALL) * Incoming Call (RING) * Call ended (DISCONNECT) * Connect (CONNECT) === Variables === Fetch incoming/outgoing number: `luup.variable_get( 'urn:hek:serviceId:FritzBox1', "Number",