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This plugin integrates a Connected By TCP LED lighting gateway with a Vera controller. Once a device for the gateway is created, the plugin in turn creates child devices (of type Dimming or SwitchPower, as appropriate) for each connected bulb. Since the bulbs are created as standard devices, they are available for control via scenes, mobile apps, etc.

Installation (UI5)

  1. Download and unzip the attached zip file.
  2. Upload all of the plugin XML, JSON and LUA files using the Apps / Develop Apps / Luup files page. Make sure to click the "Restart Luup after upload" checkbox.
  3. Wait for the Luup restart to complete.
  4. Once the upload and Luup restart are completed, use the Apps / Develop Apps / Create Device page to create a new device for the gateway. Enter D_TCPLighting1.xml in the Upnp Device Filename field and the IP of your gateway in the IP field. You may need to check the DHCP client table of your home router to find the IP address of the gateway. Another way of getting the IP address is to open a command window on a PC that is on the same network as the lighting gateway, enter the command ping lighting and note the IP address that the lighting host name resolves to.
  5. Wait for the Luup restart to complete.
  6. Refresh the Vera UI for good measure.
  7. When the gateway device is initialized, it will poll the gateway and create child devices for each bulb. If a bulb's room name matches that of a Vera room, it will be automatically added to the room. Note that the device UI for the bulbs is often partially rendered when first created. A browser refresh normally fixes this.