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Relay Actuator


You can download the Arduino sketch here

Wire things up

Follow the instructions in ConnectingRadioModule to connect radio module.

Connect the IN1 and IN2 of relay to digital pin 3,4 of Arduino board.
Connect VCC to +5V of the Arduino board. GND to GND.

I used a dual relay module. But the code can easily be adapted to handle more or less relays by modifying RELAY_1 (which digital input first relay is connected to) and NUMBER_OF_RELAYS defines at the top of the sketch code.

Hardware - Purchase guide

To build this sensor you'll need one arduino + radio specified in the base kit found here:

With the following additional parts:
1x Dual Relay Module
1x Single Relay Module

TOTAL SENSOR PRICE: $7.6 (arduino + radio) + $3.3 (relay module) = $10.9