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RFXtrx Gateway


The RFXtrx USB transceiver from RFXCOM is a device having receive and transmit RF capabilities to exchange with many products available on the market. Here is a short list of what products can be controlled: X10, Oregon Scientific, Visonic, HomeEasy, KlikAanKlikUit, COCO, ELRO, NEXA, Intertechno, Düwi, Chacon, DI.O, Domia Lite, ATI Remote Wonder, RFXSensor, RFXPower, RFXMeter, LightwaveRF, Mertik, La Crosse, TFA, UPM/Esic, Robocam/Ninja, EMW100, Flamingo, Ikea Koppla, WaveMan, Intertek/Unitec, Harrison curtains.

The product exists in two versions, the RFXtrx433 using a RF frequency of 433.92 MHz and the RFXtrx315 using RF frequency of 310 MHz or 315 MHz.

First the RFXtrx device has to be plugged to the Vera using an USB link. All the data received by the RFXtrx will be transmitted to the Vera using this USB link and directly handled by the plugin. Commands requested by Vera users from the UI will be formatted and relayed by the plugin to the RFXtrx for RF transmission.

Installation & Setup

Manual installation

You can find the installation procedure described step by step on the Node Central blog (Thanks to Parkerc for this guide).

Installation from the Micasaverde App Store

The plugin is not yet available in the Micasaverde App Store.

Additional Setup

Setup of received protocols

Once you have the RFXtrx controller and plug-in installed you now need to start looking at the RF protocols you want the RFXtrx device to receive and you can do this by accessing the Settings tab of the RFXtrx Controller device. By default, you may notice a number already switched on, it matches what is currently saved in the RFXtrx memory. But it’s now time to think about which protocols you actually want to use, because

  • not all can coexist,
  • too many can effect the performance.

So it’s recommended that you only enable those ones you need to use. For a better understanding of the protocols and those that are sensitive/conflict check out the chapter titled "Sensitivity influenced by enabled protocols" of the RFXrtx433 user manual. Once you have finished to enable/disable several protocols, save your settings in the memory of the RFXtrx. This new configuration will now be restored every time after a power up. To do that, just push the button titled "Save RFXtrx Settings". Please note that

  • this memory is limited to a maximum 10000 write cycles so don't save when it is not necessary,
  • these settings are lost after a firmware update of the RFXtrx and need to be set again.

Setup of temperature and speed units


Creation of Vera devices

By default, the devices are created automatically by the plugin accordingly to the messages received from the RFXtrx.

To disable the automatic creation of devices, you can access the Advanced tab of the RFXtrx Controller device and set the value of the variable named "AutoCreate" to 0. Then push the red button "Save" at top right in the dasjboard to validate your change.

Few devices can be created manually by the user using the Device creation tab of the RFXtrx Controller device. ...

How to trigger Vera scenes from remotes supported by the RFXtrx

Security remote control


Lighting remote control


ATI/Medion remote control


How to adjust the value reported by a weather sensor


How to repeat ON/OFF trigger for a light/switch device


Known problems

A bug in Vera firmware 1.5.408 has for consequence that fields in the Device creation tab of the RFXtrx Controller device are not what they should be; in particular the input field for the house code is not displayed, replaced by a label field from another tab...

This bug is not included in Vera firmware 1.5.346. So you have the choice between returning back to firmware version 1.5.346 or waiting for a new Micasaverde firmware (pray so that Micasaverde takes this problem into consideration).

Compatible products and limitations

Here is a table extracted from the RFXtrx user manual with an additional column showing plugin compatibility.

Protocol Frequency Receive Transmit Plugin compatibility Limitations
US X10 lighting 310MHz Yes Yes Yes
US X10 security 310MHz Yes Yes Yes
Visonic CodeSecure 315MHz Planned No No
Visonic PowerCode 315MHz Yes Yes Yes
X10 lighting - X10, Xdom, ebode 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
X10 security 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
ARC (address code wheels) - HomeEasy, KlikAanKlikUit, ByeByeStandBy old model, Intertechno, ELRO, AB600, Düwi, DomiaLite, COCO 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
ByeByeStandBy new model 433.92MHz Yes Yes No
ELRO AB400D, Flamingo, Impuls, Phenix, Sartano 433.92MHz No Yes Yes
EMW100 433.92MHz No Yes No
EMW200 433.92MHz No Yes Yes
Waveman 433.92MHz No Yes Yes
Impuls 433.92MHz No Yes Yes
AC (learning button) - HomeEasy UK, KlikAanKlikUit, Chacon, NEXA, DI.O, Intertechno 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes except set group level command
HomeEasy EU 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes except set group level command
ANSLUT 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes except set group level command
Ikea Koppla 433.92MHz No Yes Yes except dim and bright commands
AD - LightwaveRF, Siemens 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes except lock and unlock commands
AE - Blyss,Thomson 433.92MHz Yes Yes No but planned in v0.7
Digimax 433.92MHz Yes No No
RTS10 / RFS10 / TLX1206 433.92MHz No Yes No
HE105 433.92MHz No Yes No
Mertik Maxitrol 433.92MHz Yes Yes No
X10 Ninja/Robocam 433.92MHz Yes Yes No
La Crosse - TX2, TX3, TX4, TX17, WS2300 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
TFA - TS15C, TS34C, 30.3133 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
Oregon 1.0 - THR128,THR138,THC138 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
Oregon 2.1 / Huger - THC238/268,THN122N/132N,THWR288A,THRN122N,AW129,AW131, THGN122N/123N, THGR122NX,THGR228N,THGR238/268, RTGR328N, THGR328N, THGR918, THGRN228NX,THGN500, BTHR918,BTHR918N, BTHR968, RGR126,RGR682,RGR918,STR918,WGR918, UVN128,UV138, RTGR328N 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
Oregon 3.0 - THGR810,WTGR800,PCR800,WTGR800,WGR800, UVN800 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
Oregon BWR101/BWR102 433.92MHz Yes No No but planned in v0.7
Oregon GR101 433.92MHz Yes No No but planned in v0.7
OWL CM113, cent-a-meter, Electrisave 433.92MHz Yes No No
OWL CM119 / CM160 / CM180 433.92MHz Yes No Yes except CM180 (planned in v0.7)
UPM/Esic - WT260,WT260H,WT440H,WT450,WT450H,WDS500,RG700 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
Viking 02035, 02038, 02811 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
KD101 smoke detector 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
Harrison curtain 433.92MHz No Yes Yes except program command
RollerTrol, Hasta new model 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes except set limit command
Hasta old model 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes except set limit command
A-OK RF01, AC114 433.92MHz Yes Yes No
ATI Remote Wonder 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
ATI Remote Wonder Plus 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
ATI Remote Wonder II 433.92MHz Yes No Yes type of command (PC, AUX1 ... AUX4) not handled
PC Remote 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
RFXSensor 433.92MHz Yes No No
RFXMeter 433.92MHz Yes No No
RUBiCSON stektermometer 48659, 48695 433.92MHz Yes No Yes
Visonic CodeSecure 433.92MHz Planned No No
Visonic PowerCode 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
Meiantech, Atlantic 433.92MHz Yes Yes Yes
Philips 433.92MHz No Yes Yes
RC5 (IR) 433.92MHz No Planned No


The RFXtrx plugin is discussed in two main places