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WARNING: Don't use Internet Explorer "IE" to install this plugin. There have been multiple reported problems with IE being used to upload plugins via Vera's Luup Plug installation pages.

  1. Configure the physical location of your Vera, using the Location settings UI (1)
  2. Download the ZIP file directly from Source control
  3. Expand the ZIP File to extract the 4x files, their names should be exactly as follows:
    • D_Weather.xml
    • S_Weather.xml
    • I_WUIWeather.xml
    • D_Weather.json
  4. Follow the Generic Installation instructions using "D_Weather.xml" and a description of "Weather Underground".
  5. Register with WUI (Weather Underground) to obtain a key
  6. Enter the registration key into the Device's Dialog, and press (set)
  7. At this point you should have a working Weather component


In addition to the default configuration, the following parameters are also configurable:

  • Location (String) a Location override for the settings configured within Vera.
    This can be set to any value that the Weather Underground (WUI) API supports. Refer to the WUI website for examples. In particular, the WUI Weather Plugin fills in the query parameter value when you use the Location override configuration parameter.

You can use values like "US/CA/San_Francisco", "Australia/Sydney", "pws:MPERH1" (etc) and it'll override the Lat/Long values in the Vera's Location settings.

  • Metric (Boolean) an override to force the calculations to produce values in Metric instead of Imperial.
    This parameter defaults to "0" (Imperial), but can be set to Metric by changing the value to "1". Visually, Vera will still display ("F" or "C") after the values, depending upon what has been set in Vera's Location settings.

Changes to the values of Variables requires a (Save) Operation to be performed in Vera after the change has been made.


  • The Weather device requires Location data to start
    If the Vera's Location has not been configured by the user, then the Weather plugin will not startup, and will indicate an error to the User in Vera's Device pane.
  • The Weather device is dependent upon data from the WUI (Weather Underground) API
  • The values don't display in Metric
    Vera's luup API's, as of 1.0.900 don't support retrieval of the User-specified Temperature format in Vera's Location settings. When this API is added, we can make changes to have the temperature values presented in that format.
  • There's no Scene awareness, due to Vera Bug 1038 and the related discussion thread


  • 1-Sep-2012
    Started cutover to using Weather Underground (WUI)
  • 23-Jul-2010
    Moved codebase to UI4 functionality
  • 3-Oct-2011
    Published v1.44 of the code directly from source control, breaks out the discrete components of the Wind Speed (when possible)
  • 25-Mar-2012
    Publish v1.48, move to using HTTPS