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Add link to screenshots, courtesy of @smilligan, showing the ECM-1240 Tools running.


The Brultech Energy Monitor plugin is a Luup component that captures, displays, and periodically updates Energy Usage information from a Brultech ECM-1240 Energy Monitoring device.

How does it work

Brultech's ECM-1240 is a Device that measures Power consumption in a home. Users may deploy one or more ECM-1240 devices, as outlined on Brultech's website, as shown in this walk-through:

There are various connectivity options available for the Brultech ECM-1240. These are outlined on Brultech's website.

The current generation of this plugin works side-by-side with their Plug & Play packages, and "sees" the same data that would normally be sent on to their Plug & Play service ( before it's passed onto Google Power Meter for collection, graphing and so-on. Since the Plugin co-exists with their Plug & Play solution, data is exposed both in MiOS, as Devices, in addition to the existing Google Power Meter mechanisms that the Plug & Play units expose.

Future versions of this Plugin may provide native decoding of both their Text and Binary streams, and will work with their Standard Packages.

Each ECM-1240 can measure the Power usage on up to 7 circuits. This plugin exposes this data to Vera using a parent, Brultech Controller, device along with up to 7 child devices. Each of these children exposes the Wattage value for their respective channel within the Dashboard.

In addition, Vera will also report your data up so you can see it under the Energy Usage tab of your account.


This document assumes you've already physically installed your Brultech ECM-1240 and have followed the instructions, and warnings, on their site in regard to the physical device installation.

Once physically installed, you need a Serial (RS-232) connection between the Brultech ECM-1240 and your Vera. You connect Vera to the ECM-1240 using one of the Serial Supported Hardware solutions that's been published.


The Brultech Energy Monitor plugin is discussed in this forum thread, along with it's development history:

Feel free to ask questions on that thread, as well as make any suggestions & contributions to the future development of the plugin's functionality.