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There are many ways of connecting the NX-584/NX-8E panel's serial interface with a serial port on the Vera.

NX-584 connection

The NX-584 has a male DB9 serial interface. To connect the interface to another computer, either:

  • Use a female-to-female null modem cable, which swaps RX/TX and CTS/RTS to allow connection to a computer with a serial port, or
  • Use a female-to-female gender changer, and adjust the jumpers on the NX-584/NX-8E board to make it swap RX and TX pins and RTS and CTS pins.

The important thing to remember is that you have to cross over the RX and TX wires exactly once, and the CTS and RTS wires exactly once; this can be done either with a null modem cable or by swapping the jumpers on the NX-584 board.

NX-8E connection

The NX-8E has a somewhat-standard 2x5-pin serial interface on the main board. The pinout is:

NX-8E pin 3: RX (DB9 pin 2)
NX-8E pin 5: TX (DB9 pin 3)
NX-8E pin 9: Ground (DB9 pin 5)
NX-8E pin 4: RTS (DB9 pin 7)
NX-8E pin 6: CTS (DB9 pin 8)

In some parts of the world Caddx sells a cable with these connections. Third-party 10-pin serial cables might have the same pinout. Otherwise you can make one yourself.

You still need to cross over the RX/TX pair of wires and to cross over the RTS/CTS pair of wires exactly once; this can be done either with a null modem cable or by swapping the jumpers on the NX-8E board (does the NX-8E have jumpers?) or by wiring your DIY cable with the pairs swapped at one end.

Extending the serial line

The Vera and the Alarm panel might not be in the same room. You can add a female-to-male straight DB9 serial cable onto the end to make the serial connection as long as you like. Alternatively, if your alarm panel is close to an Ethernet connection, you can connect an IP-to-serial bridge (either a dedicated adapter like the WIZ110SR or a computer running ser2net).

Connecting Vera to the serial line

To connect the Vera directly, get a USB-to-serial adapter and plug it in.

Alternatively, if you have installed an IP-to-serial bridge, set up an IPSerial interface on Vera.