Last modified 12 years ago Last modified on 2011-12-22 13:52:13

DSC IP100D Plugin

Compatible UIs



  1. Upload the 7 files to the Luup files using the standard procedure for any plugin. Select Restart luup after upload and click GO.
  2. After restart, click on the MiOS developers >> CreateDevice
    • In the Description field put DSCIP100D
    • In UpnpDevFilename put D_DSCIP100DAlarmPanel1.xml
    • in UpnpImplFilename put I_DSCIP100DAlarmPanel1.xml
    • In the IP Address put the IP address of your Envisalink and the port: i.e.
  3. Click Create device
  4. Restart the Vera

At this point you should have 1 Panel, 1 Partition and 6 Zones

  1. Go to the DSCIP100D device and go to the Advanced tab.
    • Set the Username and Password appropriately to what is needed to access your Envisalink IP100D device.
    • Change the DoorZones, MotionZones and SmokeZones to match your security system setup
  2. Restart the Vera

At this point your system should be working.