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Dune HD Media Player Plugin

The Dune HD Media player is a device that can play audio/video shared from a NAS on your home network. It can also act as a NAS by itself by installing disk(s) into the device itself.

This plugin can be used to trigger scenes on your Vera device automatically when player enters different states. For example lower blinds when movie starts or turn on lights when movie is stopped.

Link to company page
Relevant forum thread,14107.0.html


Henrik Ekblad - henrik.ekblad at (hek on forum)

Installing the plugin


Remember to update ip-number after plugin has been installed to reflect your local settings. Preferably use a fixed ip-number for your dune box.

From downloaded source

  1. Download D_Dune.json, D_Dune.xml, I_Dune.xml, S_Dune.xml, xmlSimple.lua found under "Browse Source">trunk above.
  2. Go to: Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup files in Vera UI
  3. Add the five files using "Browse"-button. Click "Restart Luup after upload" checkbox and press Go.
  4. Go to: Apps -> Develop Apps -> Create Device
  5. Set "Upnp Device Filename" to "D_Dune.xml"
  6. Set "Upnp Implementation Filename" to "I_Dune.xml"
  7. Click "Create Device"
  8. Reload
  9. Go to device settings and update the default ip of your Dune box.
  10. Reload
  11. OPTIONAL: If you want an icon download dune_icon.png and SCP it to your vera box under /www/cmh/skins/default/icons/dune_icon.png


Parameter Description
ip Ip number for your Dune box
PollIntervalOnline Poll interval for fetching player state (in seconds) when dune player is online
PollIntervalOffline Poll interval for trying to fetch player state (in seconds) when offline. This interval will be used when http connection does a timeout when trying to fetch state.


The following notification triggers can be used in your scenes.

PlayerState Description
off Dune player is offline or turned off.
standby Standby mode.
loading Transitioning between two player states.
navigator Navigator mode.
torrent_downloads Showing the torrent client.
photo_viewer Showing an image or image slideshow.
black_screen Showing a black screen.
dvd_playback Playing a DVD structure.
bluray_playback Playing a Blu-ray structure.
file_playback Playing an arbitrary file.
safe_mode Changing display mode.

PlaybackState Description
playingOngoing playback
initializingPlayback initializing
seekingSeeking (fast forward, rewinding)
bufferingBuffering stream
finishedWill immediately go to 'stopped' from this state


Only action "Play" and "Pause" is implemented at the moment.


To fetch the playback state in luup code use the following:

local playbackState = luup.variable_get( 'urn:hek:serviceId:Dune1', "PlaybackState", <deviceId>)

API Description

A big thanks to Steven Liekens who has collected all information available on one place regarding IP-command interface for Dune Players. It helped alot when developing this plugin.