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VistaCam PT&HD IP Cameras Plugin

Work in progress

This plugin adds support for pan, tilt, presets and motion detection. The cameras compatible with this plugin are:

  • VistaCam PT and VistaCam HD
  • Foscam cameras (tested with FI8918W and 9821W)
  • Apexis cameras (tested with APM-J011-WS and APM-H803-MPC-WS)

Not all the plugin features are available to all the cameras:

FeatureCompatible cameras
Pan & Tilt All cameras
Presets All except Foscam 9821W
Motion detection VistaCam PT, Foscam FI8918W, Apexis APM-J011-WS

Motion detection is disabled by default. To enable it open the camera's control panel (click on the wrench in the top-right corner of the device), open the Advanced tab and scroll to the bottom until you find the State variable. Set it to 1 and save.

To disable it, set the State variable to 0.