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Home Care Plugin

Notifies users when an armed security sensor has been inactive for a set period.




Firmware version: 1.1.1183 or newer.


  1. Download the following 6 files:


  1. On the Vera Dashboard, go to MiOS Developers -> Luup Files and upload all the files. Do NOT check Restart Luup after upload. If it's already checked, uncheck it.
  2. After the files have been uploaded go to Create Device and write D_HomeCare.xml in the UpnpDevFilename field and Home Care Plugin (or any desired name) in the Description field. Click Create Device.
  3. Restart Luup.
  4. After Luup has restarted reload page.


In the Users tab check the users to be notified.

In the Devices tab set the inactivity periods (representing minutes) and the time interval when the monitoring is active. If the current time is outside the time interval when the monitoring is active, no event will be triggered and no notification will be sent.

To disable monitoring that device, just uncheck the Send notification box.

If Send notification is checked, the plugin will send a notification for the selected sensor to the selected users.

To add another Notify interval just click on Add button of the sensor. Also you can delete the last notify interval by hitting associated Delete button.

After each modification( value change, adding/deleting a notify interval, etc ), an Update button click is necessary. Data updated or Error message will be displayed, depending on data validity.

After configuring the plugin, close the window and click SAVE to restart Luup.

Known Issues

  • First time you open the plugin control window by clicking the wrench you will notice the Opening Users... loading bar. Click on the Users tab again to finish loading the interface.
  • The plugin's interface doesn't work when the Vera Dashboard is accessed remotely (fixed in 1.1.1245).