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House Modes Plugin


The House Modes Plugin allows you to use House Modes in scenes, either as a trigger or as an action. You can create a scene to change the House Mode to night ar 8:00 PM or turn on a single light when you are away.

Using the plugin in scenes

This plugin can be used in scenes either as a trigger or as an action.

To use the plugin as a trigger simply go to Scenes -> Add Scene, leave Device selected, click on the arrow next to Select a device, select House Modes Plugin from the list and set the mode that will trigger the scene.

To use the plugin as a action for the scene, after selecting the trigger for the scene which can be a schedule (Switch to night mode at 8:00 PM) or a device (Switch to home mode when the front door is unlocked), click on Next step and under Device Actions select the device House Modes Plugin. You can select any of the 4 modes that the scene will set when it's triggered.

Configuring the Polling Rate

If you intend to use this plugin just as an action for scenes this option can be left as it is. If you want a change in House Modes (from the Dashboard for example) to trigger a scene, the POLLING_RATE variable can be change to alter the time at which the plugin checks if the House Mode has been changed manually. By default this variable is set at 15 seconds.

To change it you have to find the plugin in your Devices, click on the arrow marked Settings, go to Advanced and scroll down until you find the Variables section. Here you can set any value is seconds for the POLLING_RATE variable but it is recommended to keep it above 10 seconds.