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OpenSprinkler Irrigation Controller

Version 1.2


This plugin provides monitoring and control of an OpenSprinkler irrigation controller. OpenSprinkler is a product manufactured by Rayshobby.

Plugin Features

  • Mode Control : Off / Manual / Auto
  • Configure irrigation stations to be controlled
  • Station name discovery
  • Station status with UI5 icons showing activity
  • Manual station control


Install from

OpenSprinkler will show the default configuration

  1. After 60 seconds the station names will be pulled from the OpenSprinkler

  1. Configure various options. e.g. Stations being controller, password, etc.

  1. Note how the individual station and controller icons change state when active

Configuration Variables


OpenSprinkler's default password of "opendoor" is prepopulated. If the OpenSprinkler is configured to "Ignore passwords" then this variable is not required.


This controls how frequently the OpenSprinkler controller will be polled (in seconds). There is no push notification from OpenSprinkler. The lower the number the more "real time" the updates in MCV.

Debug Mode

By default verbose logging is switched off. To enable logging change the following line in I_OpenSprinkler1.xml, upload and restart Luup.


local DEBUG_MODE = false


local DEBUG_MODE = true

Debug information is written to /tmp/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log