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Hardware Installation

These instructions are specifically for the Digiplex EVO line of panels. For the older Digiplex DGP line of panels, please consult your installation manual for the equivalent codes.

Physical Connectivity

  1. Be sure you have the PRT3 correctly connected to the panel's bus system, and powered correctly. Do NOT connect this device with the panel powered up!!!! Remove the AC connection AND the battery. Attach the color coded wires from the PRT3 to the main panel's bus. Yellow to Yellow, Green to Green, + to Aux+ or Red, - to Aux- or Black. Then power up by putting the battery back in, and then the AC adapter. You may or may not get a trouble indicating loss of clock.
  2. Next, go into installer mode on the alarm. Hold zero on the keypad, until a 6 digit code is asked for. Then type the installer code. (If you must call your alarm dealer for this, they will most likely refuse to give you installer access. The default installer code is 000000)
  3. Do a module scan to assure the panel enrolls the PRT3 on the bus properly. enter section [4006].
  4. In section [3035], set switch 7 ON (Transmit zone status on serial port).
  5. In section [3035], set switch 8 ON (Serial port baud rate set to 57600).
  6. Enter PRT3 Programming by first entering section [4003]. Then, enter the 8 digit serial number of the PRT3. This can be found on a little paper label on the PRT3 board.
  7. In section [016], set switch 1 ON (Turns on the serial port)
  8. In section [016], set switch 4 ON (Enables Home Automation Integration)
  9. In section [016], set switches 2 and 3 ON (This combination sets the baud rate to 56700, to match the panel, and the Vera)
  10. Return to main panel programming by hitting clear.
  11. If the zone labels in the panel were set prior to all this, enter section [4004]. This will allow Label Broadcast. To transmit the labels, enter 00. Then press the ACC button on the keypad. If you do not have this button, try the FIRE button, or START button. This should send all labels, to all devices provisioned on the bus system. If this does not work, see the next step.

Resetting Zone and Area Labels

  1. If you must manually set the zone labels, or they have not been set at all yet, you must enter keypad programming. Enter section [0000]. This will display the current keypad's serial number. Record it.
  2. In section [4003], enter the keypad's serial number to enter keypad programming.
  3. In section [201] to [204] you may rename the "Areas". Refer to the EVO programming manual on page 65 for specifics on entering the text itself.
  4. In section [101] to [148] you may rename the "Zones". Refer to the EVO programming manual on page 65 for specifics on entering the text itself.
  5. Once label programming is complete, hit clear multiple times until out of programming and back to normal operation.

Your panel, PRT3, and label programming are complete at this point.

Validate the PRT3

  1. Connect a USB cable from the PRT3 to a PC (or Mac)
  2. Run a terminal program, like Hyper-Terminal, and connect to the COM Port @ 57600 baud
  3. Type the command ZL001 and press <Enter>
  4. The PRT3 should respond with the Label string for Zone 1

Attach the PRT3 to Vera

You are now ready to attach the PRT3 to Vera, and complete the configuration.

  1. Attach Vera to the Paradox PRT3 Module using a USB Cable


These instructions are courtesy of @Pestus in this post:,2492.msg99977.html#msg99977