Milestone: 1.4

No date set

Planned features 1.4

  • New option to enable "ack" when sending message between and from sensor to gateway. Actuators need this to confirm that messages has been delivered.
  • Send all data binary instead of ascii beween sensor/gateway and vera. Will save space and computation power and reduce program size. Allow binary data transfers.
  • Queue incoming radio messages and serial input. Q: Really necessary?!
  • Add Lock device type
  • Add example for RFID tag device.
  • Add example for a simple door/window sensor.
  • Add support for window covering device with examples using stepper motor and servo.
  • Send/receive IR commands vera device and example.
  • Example sketch for measuring meter pulses using a light sensor. Sensor reports watt/KWH to vera
  • Non invasive current sensor
  • Support for setting channel in Vera gateway and sensor sketches. Still a bit unclear how this should be archived in simple manner.
  • AES Encryption? Q: How should keys be exchanged? Q: How to handle replay attacks?
  • Support TCP/IP as an alternative to USB/Arduino serial connection
  • Receive/send data to 433Mhz devices. Much of this depends on library support.
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