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UI4 Installation and Setup

Preliminary steps

USB RS-232 Serial Adapter

If the panel has been connected to Vera using an USB RS-232 Serial Adapter, first check to see if the serial port has been detected by Vera:

  1. Open the Vera UI.
  2. In the Toolbox section, open MiOS Developers >> Serial Port Configuration.
  3. If you don't see the serial port in the list, restart Luup.
  4. Configure the serial port:
    • Set the Baud to 115200.
    • Optionally you can give a name to this serial port in the Name field.
  5. Close this window and save.


Follow the installation and configuration procedure in the M1XEP Installation Manual.

WiFi RS-232 Serial Adapter

Follow the installation and configuration procedure from its manual. The serial port must be configured to use a Baud rate of 115200.

Plugin installation and setup

  1. Download the plugin files on your computer.
  2. Go to MiOS Developers -> Luup Files and upload the files you just downloaded.
  3. If Restart Luup after upload is checked, uncheck it, then click GO.
  4. Go to Create Device:
    • In the UpnpDevFilename field enter D_ElkAlarmPanel1.xml
    • In the Description field enter Elk M1 Alarm Panel (or any name you want).
    • If the panel is connected to Vera on the Ethernet port using the Elk M1XEP or wireless using a WiFi RS-232 Serial Adapter, enter the IP address and port in the IpAddress field (e.g.
    • Optionally you can select a room from the Room drop-down list.
    • Click Create Device.
  1. If the panel has been connected to Vera on a USB port, go to Serial port configuration and select the alarm panel device from the Used by device drop-down list.
  2. Close this window and click SAVE.
  3. After Luup has restarted reload the UI.