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This component permits the registration of National Control Devices (NCD) Relay Control boards with Vera. The use of these devices allows up to 8 Relays, and 8 Analog inputs to be put under the control of Vera manual and Scene control.

This Plugin allows the IORelay board to show up as a series of up to 8 Light Switches (On / Off) for the relays under control, and up to 8 Light Sensors (0-100%) for the inputs.

For the purposes of Development, the following control boards were used:

But the same API is used for their Relay boards up to 8 relays, so other types should work also.

Additionally, I've added the following Wifi device:

to replace the on-Board USB device for one of my Relays since it will be remote from Vera. You can order the above devices without the on-Board USB adapter (as needed)

NOTE: (*) When using the Roving Networks RN-XV, the riser is needed to raise the RN-XV "above" the Relay board to have it seat correctly.