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Lutron RadioRA2 Gateway


The Lutron RadioRA2 Gateway plugin provides the ability to control your RadioRA2 system via telnet. It provides the ability to control binary switches, dimmers, blinds and keypads. The plugin assumes that your RadioRA2 system is properly configured and working.


Your Lutron RadioRA2 must be in the same network as your Vera


After installing the plugin, a "Lutron RadioRA2 Gateway" device will be created.

Go to "Advance" tab from device Control Panel and complete the following:

  • ip field - the IP of Lutron RadioRA2 Module
  • username and password - for telnet connection to Lutron RadioRA2 Module
  • DeviceList? - A list with devices controlled by Lutron RadioRA2 Module. Ex : D:2,4;B:1;S:3;K:5;G:12;A:8 where "D" - for dimmers; "B" - for blinds; "S" - for binary switches; "K" - for keypads and the number represents the Integration ID of the devices connected to Lutron RadioRA2 Module; "G" - for shade groups and "A" for occupancy sensors.

Now close the device Control Panel window ,click the "Save" button in the upper right corner and refresh your browser. Plugin will create your devices based on the list provided.

*IMPORTANT* An additional step is necessary for configuring the keypad. Go to "Advance" tab from keypad Control Panel and complete the "componentNumber" variable as follows : "value,value,value,value,value,value" where "value" is the component number assigned for every key of you Keypad. If on of those keys is unused, "value" should be "0".

Additional Variables

  • "pollPeriod" - Plugin will poll for devices status every 30 seconds by default. This value can be modify as needed. It can be found in "Advance" tab from Gateway Control Panel
  • "fadeTime" - Dimmers, blinds and binary switches have this option in "Advance" tab from Control Panel of each device. By default, the value for this variable is "0"

Individual Commands

In "Control" tab form Gateway Control Panel, users can send individual commands to Lutron RadioRa2 module. The "#OUTPUT" command must be sent without the "#" in front of it, as for the other commands, those should be used as they are. Ex : "OUTPUT,11,1,100"; "#DEVICE,14,3,3"

Supported Devices

Lutron devices that supports "#OUTPUT"; "#DEVICE";"~OUTPUT"; "~DEVICE" commands according to Lutron integration protocol,revision N from 9 August 2013 - document attached to this page.