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UI5 Installation and Setup


First go to Apps >> Install Apps and install the plugin, then follow the steps below:

  1. In the alarm panel device control panel open the Advanced tab and enter the number of active partitions in the NumPartitions input field.

Warning: The plugin might not work correctly if this number is incorrect.

  1. Save. After restart, a device for each partition is created (e.g Ademco Vista Partition 1).
  1. In the partition's control panel, open the Advanced tab and in the KeypadAddresses input field enter the addresses of the keypads assigned to this partition. If there are more than one keypad for a partition, enter the addresses of each keypad separated by a comma (e.g. If the keypads at addresses 17, 19 and 23 are assigned to this partition, the KeypadAddresses will be 17,19,23). Repeat this for all the partition devices.

NOTE #1: The AD2USB's address should be added to the keypad addresses list for the partition it was assigned to. So if the AD2USB was assigned to partition 2, its address must be added in the KeypadAddresses field in the Advanced tab of the partition 2 device.

NOTE #2: If the KeypadAddresses field doesn't exist, reload the web page.

WARNING: The plugin won't work correctly if these variables aren't correctly set.

  1. Save.
  2. Go to Apps -> Develop Apps -> Serial Port configuration. Set the Baud to 115200 and select the alarm panel device from the Used by device drop-down list. Optionally, you can enter a name for the serial port in the Name field.

NOTE: If the port is not on the serial port list, first make sure that the AD2USB is connected to Vera, then restart Luup. After restart, try this step again.

  1. Save. If everything works OK you should see the partition status updating.