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Distance sensor (HC-SR04)


You can download the Arduino sketch here.

Adjust the measure interval by updating SLEEP_TIME define at the top of the sketch file.

This sensor requires you to upload the following device files to Vera as well.

Wire things up

Follow the instructions in ConnectingRadioModule to connect radio module.

The HC-SR04 sends out short ultrasonic pulses and registers when the sound echo comes back. By knowing the speed of sound you can easily calculate the distance. To connect the HC-SR04 sensor to the Arduino board follow these instructions:
Connect VCC of the HC-SR04 sensor to +5V
Connect Echo to digital pin 5 of the Arduino board
Connect Trig to digital pin 6 of the Arduino board
Connect GND to Arduino ground

Hardware - Purchase guide

To build this sensor you'll need one arduino + radio specified in the base kit found here:

With the following additional parts:
1x HC-SR04 Distance Sensor

TOTAL SENSOR PRICE: $7.6 (arduino + radio) + $2.42 (HC-SR04) = $10