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Servo Actuator

A servo is a small strong motor that have limits. Usually they can be turned 180 degrees.


You can download the Arduino sketch here

Wire things up

Follow the instructions in ConnectingRadioModule to connect radio module.

The servo has 3 wires. Connect red wire to +5V of the Arduino board. Brown or black to to GND.
Connect the last [mine was orange colored] wire to digital pin 3 of the Arduino board.

Relays can use much power and should probably be powered separately. I has some problems with when servo reached its limit (and i tried to move it further). This was too heavy [consumed too much power] for the Arduino so it reset itself. You can fine-tune the boundaries of the servo by modifying the SERVO_MIN and SERVO_MAX defines.

Hardware - Purchase guide

To build this sensor you'll need one arduino + radio specified in the base kit found here:

With the following additional parts:
1x Servo Module

TOTAL SENSOR PRICE: $7.6 (arduino + radio) + $6.5 (servo module) = $14.1