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GCE IPX800v3 roller shutter controller

Version: 2.3

Author: FaTaL25

Information (in french):


Where to buy GCE IPX800v3 -

The card is a Ethernet relay card. It has :

  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 relays
  • 4 analog inputs
  • 128 timers...

With extensions, you can have:

  • 32 digital inputs
  • 32 relays

IPX800v3 can control a roller shutter with 2 relays.

  • 1 relay ON/OFF
  • 1 relay UP/DOWN

but it's not possible to command roller shutter to 30% for example.

The plugin can do it for you.

For my plugin, I use M2M (machine to machine - TCP socket)


You must have:

  • Vera (3 or lite)
  • IPX800v3
  • at least a shutter connected to your IPX800v3


  • UI5 only - Not tested on UI4
  • Works only with GCE IPX800v3 with firmware over 3.05.00

Plugin installation

  1. Upload attached files
  2. Restart LUUP engine
  3. Create device: "Apps > Develop Apps > Create device" Fill in these fields:
    • "Description": a name for the device
    • "Upnp Device Filename": "D_WindowCovering1ipx.xml"
    • "Upnp Implementation Filename": "I_WindowCovering1ipx.xml"
  4. Restart LUUP engine
  5. New device has been created and now, you have to configure it.

Plugin Configuration

  1. Go to the tab "Control"
  2. Define the cycletime of your roller shutter. Cycletime is the time in seconds the shutter moves the down position to the up position. (0% to 100%)
  3. Define GCE IPX800v3 IP adress
  4. Define GCE IPX800v3 Port M2M (machine to machine) (default 9870)
  5. Define the ON/OFF relay number (1 to 32)
  6. Define the UP/DOWN relay number (1 to 32)
  7. Restart LUUP engine

It's done.

Now, assuming that you have a push button connected to your IPX (which is not necessarily required for the plugin but it is more convenient for local orders), you must configure your IPX it sends a command the Vera whenever you press the PB.

To do this, go here: http://<IP_IPX>/protect/settings/push1.htm Select the entry for your BP wired (for example 5)

Then enter in the server field the IP of your VERA. Port: 3480 Enable push ticked then SAVE In Push1:


<DeviceID> replace the ID number of the module created earlier in the Vera. (wrench / Advanced / ID field)

For initializing the plugin, make an OPEN or CLOSED command and wait 2 cycletimes. Now, you can use your roller shutter like a Fibaro FGR221 :)